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We Buy Gold

Gold, silver, and platinum prices are now the highest they have been in decades. A quick look at the following charts will make it apparent why everyone is talking about gold, silver, and platinum. What all the hype really boils down to is that you now have the opportunity to turn your jewelry and coins collecting dust in a drawer into more cash than you could have in the past 20 years! So if you have any broken or unwanted gold, silver, or platinum jewelry, silver bars, gold or silver coins, or sterling silverware bring it to any of our locations in Valparaiso, Lake Station, or La Porte, and get cash that you can actually use to pay bills, purchase the things you really want, or just to have the peace of mind that savings can provide


In 1388, King Edward III of England pawned the crown jewels to finance a war with France.

How the Gold Buying Process Works

You must qualify to sell your gold, which means you are at least 18 years of age and have a valid state issued unexpired photo id or passport. Bring your gold and photo id to any one of our locations in Valparaiso, Lake State, or La Porte.